Certified Color Consultant

Students can enroll from this secured website by clicking the course link below. Another option is to enroll via our new site by clicking to this link: Color Consultant Course

Training and certification course for image, style or fashion consultants. This course offers in depth training in color analysis. If you already consult, are changing careers or just want to start your own exciting business then this course is suited for you. This e-learning course offers professional certification and trains the learner to be a working, professional style advisor. The entire course and all materials are in your unique, password protected portal when you enroll. Online course time and study patterns vary per user and you can study at your own pace on your own computer. All course work, books and manuals are included in your online portal library. Students have up to 12 weeks (ample time) to complete all course requirements. Following that they have the portal for their use indefinitely.