Certified Color Consultant (CCC)

"I am a recent graduate of your online course "Color Analysis Certification Online" and I have enjoyed every day that I have spent in this module. I have always had an interest in this field but I wanted a system that was not associating with seasons because I have experienced being analyzed by that system and was confused. You have helped me discard my thoughts on that system of season because the way you explain color was simple. I am so glad I took the time to search you and I was so excited to come across this course online as I had a budget in mind and your fees were definitely within what I was looking for. I have been impressed of how you have responded to me when I had questions and your knowledge and expertise will definitely help me in my business and I feel confident providing color analysis to my future clients! Thank you for sharing your wisdom of color." Maribel Cabitac
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We offer online e-learning courses focused on getting the learner fluent in color language and ready to begin earning money in a business of their own. Course curriculum is based on textbooks written specifically for color analysis training. The methods taught within the e-Learning experience mirror what a student would learn with in-person study. In fact, on line learning allows the student/learner to absorb the information being taught at a pace that works for the student. Those who progress through online courses have the option of multiple reviews of the material they are studying. Upon successful completion of the course students are awarded with Certified Color Analyst (CCA) designation.

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